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MandM Direct is an online clothing store in the United Kingdom. It sells its products over the Internet and is the second-largest online fashion retailer in the UK. It specializes in buying clearance stock from manufacturers and selling at discounted prices. MandM Direct stocks nearly 200 brands including Adidas, Timberland, Diesel, and Puma.

M and M Direct don't offer free returns for mistaken delivery, Paul B. claims it was a waste of money on sitejabber.com

"I have to advise anybody thinking of buying clothes from M&M Direct, think twice! I ordered shirts that were supposed to be 48-inch chest. When they arrived, they were 54 inches! They fitted like a tent! What a total waste of money! Also, please bear in mind that it is £4.99 p&p & they don't offer free returns so you end up paying to return their ill-fitting clothes too! Appalling!"


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Warehouse Operative (Temp) says

"only treat their favourites with all the respect and then everyone else has to pick up the mess. they will sit on there bottoms all day while you do everything, they arelazy fat sloths.nothingweekends, rude managers and supervision and team leaders."

Customer service operative M and M direct (Former Employee) says

"Hard work with old system and an *us and them culture* OK I was a temp but this shouldn't matter we were one team with a common goal. I wasn't happy on some days.Staff shopLong hours"

warehouse operative (Former Employee) says

"Low salary, very cold in winter, I had to use gloves on the shop floor. Lazy, unfriendly supervisors and team leaders.Bullying the people! Never wish to go back! I dont recommend this job!ZeroEverything"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"I got fired from M&M because I wasn't reaching my weekly targets of 90 KPI, they only told me this 1 hour before quitting time, and I woke up to a text the next day telling me I had been terminated, Shortly after they fired all temporary workers. Never received a payslip either.Free Travel thereEverything else"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"a typical day was busy I learned about ware house enviroments managment was good co workers were good the hardest part was having to work to deadlinesDecent wagenone"

Replenishment Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately I worked as a temp over Christmas and I can only say that the management system here is beyond contempt, never in all of my years of working have I ever come across a business that has allowed there warehouse management to treat people with less dignity then farmers treat cattle, in particular Jan, who's management style consist of using her position make herself feel important, supervisors and team leaders have no interpersonal skills whatsoever nor do they even understand what's common decency is, stay away !Everything"

picker (Former Employee) says

"this was only a temporary christmas job but was really good taste of what warehouse work was like. it was a real struggle cycling 7 miles to work and back but i did it and am fitter and stronger for itnice enviromenttoo far to cycle daily"

FLT Driver (Former Employee) says

"Made redundant after 2 years employment due to coronavirus. Do not feel like i was a valued employee. Rehired that week on a zero hour contract. Racism culture within the company is clear and having reported it, was not acted on."

Warehouse Operative/FLT Driver (Former Employee) says

"Working at M&M was not too bad as was working with really nice people that I met whilst I was there and got on with. Was in goods in checking items in the boxes. Which was a bit boring over time but the became a fork lift driver for goods in. Became stressful at times as the management would push for you to hurry up with you having to hit KPI targets which sometimes would be impossible."

WAREHOUSE OPERATIVE (Former Employee) says

"Only worked for festive period. So geared for short term labour. Well organised very high productive day. Remined often that this was only short term and seasonal,"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Worked here as a Christmas temp. The days were long, 10 hours, and all I did was answer the phone listening to people shouting about not getting their delivery and then getting shouted at by management or seniors as you had said the wrong thing or not done the right thing. The induction was mediocre. Workplace culture was micromanage to the point that you did feel dehumanise. The only good thing about the experience was sitting by different people each day as you hotdesked which was one thing I enjoyed. I was promised 11 weeks of work but was released at 6 weeks and they advised of business needs. They cherry picked their favourites and if your face did not fit you knew it.Sitting by different peopleIncompetent managers and senior staff, long hours, limited support"

Warehouse operative (Current Employee) says

"There is zero appreciation for the work I do, despite going beyond and over what I'm actually contracted to do, a lot is expected with zero return of awards."

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"was xmas temporary job so where treated differently to full time staff which I expected but still very unprofessional, but overall I didn't mind the job did what I had to do and offered to work overtime to keep in managements good books and so wasn't treated like most of the temporary staff.good working hours only monday to fridayone rule for one person another for some1 else"

Warehouse Assistant (Former Employee) says

"i think this company just thought of them selfs rather than putting their work force first.nothingshort shifts"

Customer Services Operator (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at my previous employers could consist of different duties being carried out depending on the areas in which you were trained in. Fortunately I was multiskilled through out the many departments within the call centre. I could be taking phone calls for telesales or dealing with complaints, responding to emails from a number of in box's, assisting and sometimes covering the team leader with Amazon and Ebay administrative duties, and more recently being assigned within the companies fraud department. From my five and a half years experience with the company I feel I have gained a high knowledge of customer services and I feel confident now that I have the ability to manage any challenge that I may face within this capacity of work, the same would apply within sales. I have also learnt the functions of using computer software such as excel and powerpoint. My co workers were what made the job the most enjoyable as all the staff were willing to help each other if needed. The job in itself over time became was a rather strict environment to work in with rules that could be considered negligible., we would be told by our manager to fill the call centre from the front leaving no spaces, as opposed to being given the option to choose our work space through out the day. Not aloud to get out of our seats to ask higher management a question involving a customer but ringing them only, being assigned to the same breaks every day with out having the choice, being told of for wearing flip flops in a casual based call centre but sandals were acceptable. We would be penalised forgood employees to work withstrict enviroment"

warehouse operatives (Former Employee) says

"The usual day would include clocking in at 2pm, meeting the managers for our briefing and then we'd go into the warehouse. Here, I would pick a trolley full of items and then go to a packing bay and pack it up myself. There were strict deadlines as it was the busy Christmas period and so it was quite full-on and fast paced but that made it more enjoyable.Free TeaBoring when not busy"

Returns Assistant (Former Employee) says

"X-mas temporey job. duties included working to a KPI,pick out stock that needs to be repacked into new packerging. had to leve due to poor mangerment and distence and travel costs"

Warehoue Operative Goods out and returns (Former Employee) says

"I worked for them last year .I was a good employee ,hitting my targets and gaining new skills.I was fired but was assured I would be shortlisted for any job I applied for and recently got a temp job 10/11/19 through an agency at 9.30 i had a job by 10.30 Meridian rang to say they received this email...'I recognised this name and spoke to the supervisors ,who do not wish for X to return to M an M direct.😕"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Very strict work place. No talking to fellow employees in work time. However they are very understanding about personal matters and were very helpful.Discount on items sold at m and m0 hour contract, one week you could work a full week and the next you could have no work."

Casual Worker (Former Employee) says

"Firstly when you will be starting working in there in Good Out warehouse you will be picking fof along time and until you will do 1 to 2 mistakes per trolley. If you're planing to work in morrning shift you will have 2 old ladies which are negative and really grumpy. The afternoon shift is much better because team leaders are positive in good mood supportive and cheerful. I'm saying this because I have worked there ifor multiple years and I saw alot of good and bad things there. I was working there only for good hourlly play and the discounts for branded clothes. But it they won't replace my heatlh."

Darragh Mcgeough says

"Ordered clothes on the 2nd of january and still waiting, its now the 18th of january and no sign, the tracker has been a disaster from the get go, and i emailed mandm to see where my package is and they didnt even have decency to write back, last time ill be shopping with this crowd.Shockingly bad."

Felipe Machado says

"Guys be careful.. it’s been 31 days that I made a purchase.. day 17/12/20.. my purchases didn’t arrived .. I am tired of asking for my refund.. 129e.. email, Facebook, Very disappointed.. DONT BUY IT.. MandM they are not professional.. shame shame shame"

Rad says

"Ordered jacket from MandM. Unfortunately wrong size, so I send It back using their recommended return service (linked in order confirmation message from MandM). Weeks later still not delivered. When I ask for help, their saying return label I used wasn't purchased from them, but directly from Hermes, so It's not their problem. Avoid both. MandMdirect and Hermes, unless you want to lose money."

Ann Lowes says

"Rubbish company very rude and unhelpful late delivery lt came 3 days late l was out they took it away again they didn't let me know it was coming.. Now l don't know when it is coming again because l haven't been told l won't buy from these morons again"

matt buddy MattBuddy GNN says

"Filled my basket with awesome deals.... only to be told "we cannot process your order" i have tried EVERYTHING (different browser, mobile, clearing cache + cookies) all to no avail."

Gary Parkinson says

"Awful delivery service,try to track my item but no information comes up after 3 days of waiting.No customer service number to call,that is awful !!!!!! Never again would i shop here,my timberland boots have disappeared with no way of tracking them.You have a terrible service m and m direct,nobody to even call,shocking."

Richard f says

"Can somebody please reply to my emails, it's been 3 weeks and 3 reviews left on here in the hope I can get a reply My Orders Back 20 December 2020 Date 20 December 2020Order No. 17886013 Status Dispatched"

JLW C says

"Buyer beware. Please read the returns policy. 1 A return charge of £2.99 is expected via Hermes (as presented by their customer services this is the only option they offer) 2 The £2.99 charge only covers insurance loss up to £50. Customer service advised that 'most' items make it back ok? Too many "most's" in their response for me with a £100 item to return. As such I took another carrier option at a significant cost that MandM will not entertain even on a good will compromised 50/50 basis. First and last time for me with MandM."

margaret says

"Hello thank you for your reply I am not very good on my phone please can you just send me the address that I can return the trainers back I know i will have to pay I don’t mind you can reimburse my £2. 99 plus amount for trainers . Would be really grateful kind regards"

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